Prayer Walk

The Integration Statue

  1. Pray for racial tensions in America, in Tallahassee, and on campus.

  2. Pray for a fellowship of differents (acknowledging our differences, but to not allow those differences to prevent us from having fellowship)

  3. Pray for a spirit of humility, and that we would not be so quick to deny our part in the issues (directly or indirectly).

The Globe

  1. Pray that we would provide an opportunity for international students to hear the Gospel in a way that they can relate to.

  2. Pray that international students would find a Gospel centered community, and would not have any overwhelming feelings of isolation.

  3. Pray that the Gospel would be spread among all nations.

Doak Campbell

  1. Pray that all FSU athletes would not find their identity in sports, but rather, in Christ.

  2. Pray that fans would be moved to have the same passion about Jesus as they do about sports.

  3. Pray that God would provide unique opportunities for the Gospel to be shared to all the athletes, whether that be through student leaders, coaches, or whomever.

Oglesby Union

  1. Pray that the students would be united on campus.

  2. Pray that no student would be without community, that no student would have to face the overwhelming fear of isolation.

Westcott Fountain

  1. Pray that God would work in and through the campus ministries, and that there would be many baptisms/people repenting and giving their lives to Christ taking place this year.

  2. Pray for the other campus ministries, that they would glorify God, and that they would be places of Christ centered community.

  3. Pray that God would move in and through the administration at FSU, that the Christians would be a good example ,and would be find unique and effective ways to serve them, and the campus.


  1. Pray for the freshmen who sits alone, and pray that they would be loved by those around them, and that they would find community.

  2. Pray for those who come and eat their stress way. Pray that they would come to lean on Jesus, and bring all their problems to Him.

  3. Pray that there would be a hunger for God’s word on campus.

Pick a Dorm

  1. Pray for the residents, that they would find a desire to have community with each other, the Church, and God.

  2. Pray that the God would raise up a leader to reflect him in the dorm.


  1. Pray that students would not find their identity in academics, and come to a place where they find their identity in Christ.

  2. Pray that there would be a thirst for the word of God, and the life that it brings.

Pick a Ministry (Other than CCF)

  1. Pray for the leaders. Pray that they would live up to the high calling that God has called them to.

  2. Pray for the students. Pray that they would follow the lead of those God has entrusted them to, and that they would be appropriate reflections of Jesus.

  3. Pray that the ministry as a whole would be successful, and that they would be good stewards of what GOd has entrusted them with.